Nosipho is a Nguni word for Gift

Nosipho Nompopi (Nosipho is a Nguni word for Gift) is a stunningly beautiful 45cm humanized doll. Handmade from
natural materials, this is one-of-a kind dream doll was created with the facial features of a 6-year-old Nosipho
Nkomo – an African girl who wanted to play with dolls that had the same skin color and hair as herself. With her
curls, dark skin, and full lips, Nosipho Nompopi is the embodiment of a black girl. Created to instill self-love,
confidence and identity, she is designed to reflect the beauty and diversity of black children across the globe.
Nosipho Nompopi represent the proud heritage of African people and honor the strength and resilience of all
African woman. They’re adorned and are available in a variety of proudly African attire with matching clothing
available for the “doll moms”

Luthando a Nguni word for Love

Luthando App

Luthando App is a product of Nosipho Nompopi. Our platform is a comprehensive language learning platform that aims to make language learning easy, fun and
engaging for children and adults of all ages. Our app offers an immerse language learning experience that goes beyond just teaching grammar and vocabulary.
We believe that language learning should be an exciting journey of discovery that includes learning about different art, cultures, and people who speak language.
Our app is designed to cater to different learning styles and preferences. We understand that everyone has a different learning pace, so we offer a wide range of
resources and tools to help learners achieve there language and cultural goals. Our platform features a variety of interactive learning materials, native stories,
games, videos and quizzes which are designed to make the learning process fun and engaging. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, Luthando App has something to offer you. Download our app today and start your language learning journey.

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